What to Do When You Regret Dumping Him?

What to Do When You Regret Dumping Him?

Are you feeling guilty that you dumped your boyfriend? Do you now feel that this decision of yours was wrong? And do you now want to get back together again? Hold on! You may be wrong all over again, and before it becomes the biggest mistake of your life, consider for a while before taking any action.

In all probabilities, this is what that may have happened. You had fallen in love with the person in question, had spent some time together and then slowly you realized that the two of you were not meant to be together (the reason why is another issue altogether) and you felt that it would be better to discard him from your life for your own good. After you left him and started staying alone or began seeking a new partner, you began comparing every experience of yours with how it had been when you were with the person whom you dumped and somehow, your ex suddenly began to appear more endearing! But truth is you may not be thinking straight and when you get back together, things will go wrong again and this time, it will be ugly. Listed below are 5 steps that will tell you what to do when you regret dumping him.

1. Do not let loneliness color your judgment

One of the many reasons why you may be considering getting back together with your ex is probably because you are now lonely. Do not allow loneliness drive you towards making the same mistake twice. You may get back with your ex, but will you now be happier that you were before? Consider that!

2. Recall the reason for breakup

Recall the reason why you broke up in the first place. When you remember the incident or something from the past that led you to dump him, you will be able to make a better decision. Dumping him might have been a rash decision and an unwise thing to do, but be absolutely sure about it before you think about getting back together.

3. Evaluate current circumstances

Think about your current circumstances and then take a decision. What all has changed after you broke up with him? Have you got a new job? Did you shift to a new locality? There are many things that may have happened in your life since the time you left him; and so there is no reason for you to regret your decision. Think about these changes and contemplate whether you will be able to cope with getting back with your ex again in the current scenario, and then take a decision.

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