5 Ways to Overcome Jealousy

5 Ways to Overcome Jealousy

Learning how to get rid of jealousy is a challenge you will have to face one day or the other. If you want to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner, friends, boyfriend, coworkers and acquaintances, here are 5 things you can incorporate in your life in order to overcome jealousy.

1. Increase your own self-confidence

Jealousy can often be a result of your own dwindling self-confidence. Don’t ever let the thought “They are better than me” creep into your mind. Carry your head high and believe in your own self and abilities all the time to curb jealousy.

2. Do your best and succeed at everything you do

“He got a promotion, I’m so jealous” or “She has such an amazing body. I’m jealous” are lines that you may hear or say often at work, home or while you’re hanging out with your pals. The only way to get rid of jealousy in these cases is to perform your best in whatever you do, and succeed. If there is one thing that puts an end to jealousy completely, it is success.

3. Accept that jealousy is bad and often uncalled for

Sometimes, jealousy is often the by-product of extreme levels of passion and love. A typical case may be of a boyfriend being jealous of the time his girlfriend spends with other male friends at her workplace or vice versa. If this sounds like you, sit down with a calm mind and talk to yourself, reaffirming the thought over and over again that your jealousy may be baseless and uncalled for.

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