5 Reasons a Guy May Want to Cheat on You

5 Reasons a Guy May Want to Cheat on You

There are times in a relationship when you feel that your guy is just not that into you. It could mean that he is either not interested in the relationship, or is cheating on you by being with someone else at the same time. Your question is why? Here are some reasons that might explain why your man is interested in someone else.

1. He’s a social animal

Does your man enjoy hanging out with his friends a lot? Does he make plans with colleagues and acquaintances and often forgets to invite or include you? Your guy might be more interested in going out and having fun rather than being alone with you. In this case, he might not be ready to be a one woman-man.

2. He isn’t vested in you and your interests

Has your guy been forgetting a lot of important dates and occasions recently? This could either be because of ‘forced’ forgetfulness, where he doesn’t want to attend such events, or plain and simple, because he genuinely has no interest in you. Such incidents can lead to conflict, and eventually a breakup. If he isn’t interested in you as a person, chances are he’s found someone else.

3. Did you cheat on him?

It’s important to realize that as we grow up, we can’t keep playing with relationships or take them as lightly as we would in high school. One of the reasons your man may want to cheat on you is payback. If you’ve cheated on him in the past, he may be inclined to do the same.

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