10 Ways To Help The Environment

 10 Ways To Help The Environment

How would you feel if you were kept into a box with contaminated air? Well, our dear earth has been living like this for years. And the sad part is, day by day it keeps getting worse. As if air pollution was not enough, we have impurities that pollute even our water. Noise pollution also plays a huge role in polluting Mother Earth. After all of this, cutting down of the forest cover further adds to the problem. The sad part is, we are the ones who are responsible for this mess. However, it is never too late to repair the damage. The good news is that even now we can do so much to help save the environment. In this article, we will throw light on 10 ways to help the environment.

1. Plant a tree

Plant trees as and when you get the chance. Instead of following the same routine of movies and visiting restaurants with your friends, the next time you meet your friends, organize a day when each of you gets to grow one plant. Plant a tree in your backyard and water it regularly. Even a single tree can contribute a lot to the environment.

2. Avoid using a drier to dry your clothes

Instead, let the sun work its magic. Just hang your clothes outside in the day, and let your clothes dry with the help of solar energy. It may take a little more than 5 minutes for them to dry, but don’t you think it’s a little price to pay for our Mother Earth?

3. Purchase used furniture

When you are furnishing your house, instead of purchasing brand new furniture, go for used second-hand furniture. If you search, there will be so many people who want to dispose their furniture off. You will not only prevent the chopping of trees, but it will also come so much cheaper.

4. Recycle newspaper

Paper comes from trees. By recycling them, imagine how many trees you can save! Hence recycle paper as and when you can. Just remember, each time you recycle your bunch of newspapers, you will be saving a million of trees from getting chopped down. Sell your old papers to someone who gets them recycled.

5. Avoid using plastic bags

Plastic bags are one of the worst killers of the environment because most of them can not be recycled. Hence as far as possible, don’t use plastic bags. Instead, there are so many interesting options like paper bags (that can be made of used newspapers), jute bags, cloth bags, etc.

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