How To Look Like Katy Perry?

How To Look Like Katy Perry

Katy Perry joined the music industry along with so many other girls of her age; younger, prettier. Today, she is one of the most searched American girls on the Internet. Besides her raw talent, controversies and linkups, the thing that makes her stand out from the rest and what we admire the most is her fashion sense. Many don’t really like her bold sense of dressing. Many believe that her fashion sense is way too loud. But one cannot deny that she alone has taken the fashion world to a brand new level. No one dresses up like her. She’s herself. Not everyone has the guts to dress up like her. She has taken huge fashion risks and emerged a winner each time she made a public appearance. Like a million other girls, are you too a fan of her harum-scarum kind of style and her don’t-care-a-fig attitude? Katy Perry’s look is very retro, playful, stylish and experimental. Allow me to acquaint you with the risque story of Katy Perry’s wardrobe and how you can look just like her.

1. Clothes

Her clothes are very vintage. In fact, every attire she adopts itself is a walkie-talkie example of what vintage clothes really are. You’ll get what you’re looking for at yard sales, thrift and vintage showrooms. Plunging necklines and micro minis are her thing. Pick bright colors. For example, shades like bright yellow, shocking pink, blood red, shiny purple and neon green. She mostly wears dresses and skirts. Pick clothes having frills, bows and laces of contrasting colors. You may also pick animal prints, polka dots and strips. Wear dresses that closely resemble a delicious looking lingerie.

2. Accessories

The next step is accessories. As far as accessories are concerned, Katy wears lots of them. Belts, hair bands, scarfs, neckties, caps, shoes, stockings and socks; there is a plethora of accessories Katy chooses to wear together. Team your outfit with bold accessories. Mostly stick to vintage and retro style ones. For the hair bands, you can choose broad ones with a bold color. They can also have over-sized flowers on them. For the belts, pick stuff that make a bold statement. You can also wear over-sized hats, bonnet hats, hats with fur, hats with veils, etc. You can pick hats and bennies in funky shapes. Pick jewelry like strawberry earrings, gem studded hair butterfly pins and bunny rabbit necklaces. Same goes with the other accessories you wear. The trick is to keep the clothes minimal, but the accessories should be more. Dress yourself up like a pin up girl.

3. Hair

Katy Perry never changes the color of her hair. It has always been jet black. She likes to wear her hair short and medium, but not long. Side bangs and fringes are also Katy’s favorite hairdo, but sometimes she also likes to back comb the front part of her hair. While sometimes she keeps her hair super-straight, other times she transforms her hair into raven curls. Whether her hair is short or medium, curly or straight, it is always neat. The messed up look is not usually Katy Perry’s style.

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