6 Things You May Have Done Wrong Unknowingly on the First Date

6 Things You May Have Done Wrong Unknowingly on the First Date

You go out of your way to make the first date the perfect one, but still things don’t turn out the way you wanted them to. So what could be the reason? Sometimes when you try too hard, you ruin things for you and your date. Here’s a list of 10 things you may have unknowingly done wrong on the first date.

1. Becoming the ‘yes woman’

When you are trying too hard to impress him, you tend to say yes to everything that he says. Such submissive behavior borders on sycophancy and rather than appealing to men, it turns them off. Men love challenge and excitement. When you become the ‘yes woman’ on the first date in hopes of making the right impression, it ends up in quite the wrong way.

2. Sounding too desperate

The real excitement lies in chase for most of the men. When women sound and act desperate, it usually doesn’t interest them.

3. Asking too many questions about his finances

It’s good to gather some information about the guy on the first date. Some of this information may pertain to his work life and finances, but asking him too many questions will send all the wrong signals. You might be simply indulging in small talk, but he may get the idea that you are after his money. So keep your inquisitive spirit in check.

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