7 Romantic Long Distance Relationship Ideas

7 Romantic Long Distance Relationship Ideas

Maintaining a successful long distance relationship needs extreme commitment and involvement from the couple. Chances of fights, misunderstandings and arguments are at an all time high when the couple does not get a chance to meet face to face on a regular basis. You will need more than just a few romantic ideas to get things going, but we can help you get there quicker with these ideas.

1. Create a video

Even if you can chat over the phone or the webcam, try and make a personalized video for your partner. It can be a simple ‘I love you’ message or an elaborate speech about your feelings.

2. Prepare a photo slideshow

Make a slideshow of some photos that you both took in the past and send it across to help your partner revive some cherished memories. Add a small note to each photo mentioning the place that the snap was taken, and a personal message.

3. Be the wake up call

If you are in a long distance relationship, there must be a time zone difference and we advice that you make the most of it. If you are awake at the time when he wakes up everyday, then make it a point to be the one to wish him ‘Good Morning’.

4. Be the good night kisser

If your boyfriend goes to sleep when your day begins, ensure that it is your voice that he last hears before he goes to sleep. Give him a good night kiss on a daily basis! You both will feel extremely close and intimate, despite being in different locations.

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