6 Things to be Careful About When You Break Up

6 Things to be Careful About When You Break Up

Breaking up with your boyfriend can be a tough thing to do. You are likely to have mixed feelings of anger, confusion, depression and anxiety at such a stage in your life. In such a perplexed state of mind, if you don’t keep calm, you may say and do things that you should not. Here are some of the things you should be careful about when you break up.

1. Don’t write abuses in texts or emails

The worst thing you can do is to send written abuses to your boyfriend over texts or emails. It is one thing to hurl abuses at him over the phone or in person, but doing so in writing can put you in trouble. If your boyfriend wants, he can save your written communication and use it against you in the future by manipulating it. And things that are written out of anger usually cause embarrassment after everything calms down.

2. Don’t injure yourself or threaten to do so

It is natural for you to feel angry and frustrated at your breakup, particularly if your boyfriend is at fault. But don’t let this become a reason for injuring or inflicting physical pain on yourself. Giving threats to injure yourself is a sign of weakness and it is an act which you can heavily regret later. This is one of the most important things that you should be careful of, during and after your breakup.

3. Don’t spread false rumors about your boyfriend

Many women make the mistake of taking revenge with their boyfriends for a breakup by spreading rumors about them. This is a very petty thing to do and may reflect badly on you in the future. It may give you sadistic pleasure for some time but it won’t pay off well eventually. Your common friends will come to know one day or the other that it was you who spread rumors about your boyfriend. Your boyfriend too may think of avenging you by spreading false rumors about you in return.

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