5 Ways Epsom Salt Baths Can Relax Your Skin

5 Ways Epsom Salt Baths Can Relax Your Skin

Epsom Salt is the common name for magnesium sulphate and is also known as Bath Salts. It is used to beautify and relax your skin. Why are we telling this to you? Because Epsom Salts are known to be magic healers, relaxants and passive beauty enhancers. We find out more about Epsom Salts and how they are used to beautify and relax the body during out chat with Erin, 32, a homemaker and an Epsom Salt fan.

1. Epsom Salts soften your skin

Erin swears by the use of Epsom Salts to beautify and relax her skin. “Epsom Salt baths are mineral rich and will give you soft and supple skin. We like the thought of soft skin by just relaxing in a bath tub.” Erin gives us one warning though, “It’s easy to lose track of time when you have an Epsom Salt bath to beautify and relax. You must mark your time in the bathtub or else your skin may be stripped of essential and natural oils. Epsom Salt baths work best to beautify and relax skin when all the residual particles have been thoroughly rinsed away”.

2. Epsom Salts reduce wrinkles

“Epsom Salts that are commonly used to beautify and relax have also been used by women to reduce wrinkles”, says Erin. Magnesium sulphate is known to reduce the effect of wrinkles if it is absorbed well by the skin. So go ahead ladies, immerse yourself in a bath tub with warm water and Epsom salts to beautify and relax your skin and to say goodbye to wrinkles. “I usually follow up my Epsom Salt bath with a thin application of moisturizer to lock the moisture in my skin”, adds Erin. Isn’t this a perfect recipe to beautify and relax your skin with Epsom Salts?

3. Epsom Salt baths are known to be very relaxing

“I look forward to my Epsom Salt bath every weekend to beautify and relax my whole body. It is my only savior after a hectic week”, says Erin. It is because of the anti-inflammation properties of magnesium sulphate that Epsom Salt baths are generally recommended to women who are looking to beautify and relax through long hot baths on the weekend. The Epsom Salt council also suggests that the magnesium in Epsom salts help in reducing stress and in improving sleep.

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