Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes

Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes

Ooh ooh aah aah sexy eyes! Yes it is not very difficult to make blue eyes look very attractive and if done in the right way, you girls can just make guys go down on their knees just by the flash of your eyelids. It’s not just about the eye shadow, mascara or the right type of liner. It’s about creating the right look for the right occasion knowing what would best suit to your eye color. The good news is that a lot of looks actually suit blue eyes so using the following tips, go all out with your sparkling eyes.

  1. You can never go wrong with the smoky eye makeup and it works the best for parties and when you particularly want the attention to be on your eyes. This look accentuates your eyes highlighting them with a mysterious charm. Just use shades of black and grey making it dramatic or mixing it with other dark shades. A charcoal pencil will just add the last bit to the look and you’re ready to go.
  2. If you are going for official meetings or a formal party, then it is not advisable to play around with too many bold colors. Light shades of green and white would just be perfect with a dash of mascara to define your eyelashes. You can also experiment with light hues of purple, pink and lavender and you will be surprised to see how they make a difference without really screaming for attention.
  3. Metallic colors are also ‘in’ these days and just when you are getting ready for a date or planning on going out for a wacky party, try bright metallic colors like gold, bronze or bright metallic blue. Even shades of silver or bright white will make you stand out in a crowd and will definitely get your friends asking you for some makeup tips!
  4. When going out for a pool or a beach party, try vibrant colors like green, blue, lavender or even purple. You can mix these shades with a dash of white or gray to ensure you do not make it look too loud. Do not apply mascara unless water proof or to be on a safer side, just avoid it when entering water. Add some shimmer and this will complete your look for a perfect pool party.

These are a few looks that work well with blue eyes but do not forget to use a concealer in case you have had some rough nights. With these few tips, you will be all set for any occasion simply strutting your blue eyes in style!

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