5 Tricks To Make Your Partner Realize His Mistake

Make Your Partner Realize His Mistake With These 5 Top Tricks

It is annoying when men don’t realize their own mistakes. We don’t think that will change. But here are 5 easy ways to make your partner realize that he was wrong.

1. Say NO when he asks you to go out with him

The whole world knows that women can’t refuse a nice dinner date or a meeting at the local coffee house, can we? Say ‘No’ when your partner asks you to go out with him. Such a refusal will surely give him a sense of realization of the trouble he is causing to you.

2. Don’t put love in your cooking

Believe it or not ladies, the amount of love and effort that you put in your cooking shows in the food. Cook a few meals halfheartedly and you’ll surely make your partner realize his mistakes.

3. Stay away for a while

We think ‘distance’ is your best friend when it comes to making your man realize his mistake. Stay away from him for a couple of days. Go away and stay at your friend’s house or at your mother’s. And watch him come crawling back to you.

4. Play hard to get

If your partner doesn’t realize that he has hurt you, he does not deserve any action inside or outside the bedroom. Play hard to get and ignore all his advances. That is one sure shot way of getting the man to think ‘What have I done wrong?’

5. Don’t dress your best

Ladies, we know this is a harsh one, but at least give it a try. Seeing you in shabby clothes and without having your makeup on or hair done will definitely ignite the apology flame in his head.

Remember ladies, sulking is not always the answer. Try out our 5 top ways and make your partner realize that he was wrong.

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  1. Bad advice says:

    What ever you do don’t sit down and rationally talk out your problems with your partner, always better to play games and escalate a situation. Remember two wrongs make a right!! 🙂

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