Tips to Deal with An Annoying Ex-boyfriend

Tips to Deal with An Annoying Ex-boyfriend

Everyone has the right to move on in life, and so do you. If you just broke up, and your ex-boyfriend wants you back in his life, what will you do? We know the situation would be annoying, especially when you have no feelings left for him. Hence, we’ve enlisted some tips to deal with an annoying ex-boyfriend. Read on.

1. Go and confront him

This would be the best bet. Simply go to him and confront him on the issue. Let him know that it is all over between you and him. Tell him that he needs to grow up and move on in life. Explain to him that things are not the same and he should stop bothering you. This will help you, if he understands. Direct confrontation is the best solution for the situation.

2. Break all ties with him

Delete your ex-boyfriend from your Facebook profile. He will not be able to contact you there. Block his number so that you do not receive his call. This will help you to break all remaining ties. He will not to able to contact you and annoy you to get back with him.

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