5 Tips To Get Longer Hair

5 Tips To Get Longer Hair

Let’s face it. There’s no shortcut to get longer hair. It’s a matter of body metabolism and some great haircare techniques. Here are a few tricks that you can try to get those long locks you’ve always pined for.

1. Eat healthy

Hair growth has a direct relationship with your diet. Hence, make sure you eat foods that are rich in fiber and protein so that your hair follicles get all the nourishment they need. And yes, don’t forget to drink plenty of water for getting those long tresses.

2. Use a good conditioner

You may think this is pretty basic, but it’s what most women don’t follow. Using a great conditioner will trap the required moisture in your scalp, helping your hair to grow faster.

3. Don’t give your hair too much heat

Please don’t get addicted to the curling iron or the blowdryer. It’s going to make your hair weak and brittle. You may miss out on that instant hair-fix but believe us, keeping your hair away from prolonged exposure to heat will be helpful in the long run.

4. Get occasional head massages

Nothing can beat a soothing massage at the salon. The constant rubbing on your head will cause blood to circulate better. The massage oils will go deep into the strands of your hair and facilitate growth. And besides this, do we really need to remind you how relaxing a head massage can be? We feel sleepy just thinking about it.

5. Don’t abuse your hair with too much color

It’s okay to color your hair once or maybe twice a month. But constantly changing colors and throwing chemicals on your scalp will strangle hair growth. Maintain a uniform color and see the magic in just a few months.

It’s not too hard to let your hair grow long if you take proper care. Keep your hair care as natural as you can, and you will be well on your way to get lovely, longer hair.

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