7 Signs You are too Organized

7 Signs You are too Organized

People who are way too organized are often referred to as organizational freaks. They are known to be obsessive about neatness, tidiness and cleanliness of the places where they live and work. Here are a few signs which suggest that you could be more organized than required.

1. You closet is arranged on the basis of categories

People who are obsessively organized are known to spend a lot of time on keeping their closets neat and clean. If you have sorted all your clothes in a pile according to categories which include color, brand or occasion, chances are that you are more organized than required. A tidy cupboard is what you need, not a color coded one.

2. Your planner is overcrowded

If you have a diary or a digital planner which looks overcrowded, it is a sign that you are over organized. People with overcrowded planners tend to put every single task of the day on their calendars, including menial tasks such as doing the laundry or making coffee. Crowded planners of such people are not signs that they have lots of things to do, but that they are way too organized.

3. You cannot survive without using organizational apps on your phone

If an organizing app on your smartphone is your lifeline, it is an obvious sign that you are super organized. It may be acceptable that you can’t do without that app if you are a busy professional. But being addicted to organizational apps out of mere habit is an obsession. This could lead to a feeling of disorientation when you don’t have your app to tell you what your next task is.

4. You spend most of your time organizing

One of the common traits of people who organize too much is that they spend more time in organizing tasks than actually doing them. If you are spending too much time in creating files, dockets, folders, covers, sticky notes, task lists and reminders, it is a sign that you are over organizing.

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