5 Tips To Choose A Pair Of Jeans That Is Perfect For You

5 Tips To Choose A Pair Of Jeans That Is Perfect For You

Have you ever wondered why does a particular pair of jeans look absolutely fab on your girlfriend, but when you wear it, it totally makes you appear shapeless. The simple reason here is, your body shape is different from that of your friend. Not everyone has got the same body type. Hence it is important to understand your own body shape and pick a pair that compliments your body perfectly. There is not only one category of jeans available in the market. There is a range of so many designs, shapes and shades to choose from. Here we have 5 simple tips to help you choose the perfect pair of jeans for you.

1. Size

Many a times, women tend to pick jeans one size smaller than theirs. For some unknown reason, they feel that it will make them appear slimmer. What they don’t realize is that it will just end up looking really awkward on their body, making them appear bulky. So, not picking the correct size of jeans is the biggest fashion faux pas you can commit. Similarly, avoid going for extremely loose jeans. Just remember, nobody will see the size label of your jeans. It is the way it falls on your body that people will notice. Hence always pick a pair that perfectly fits your size and watch it work wonders on your body.

2. Color

Blue colored jeans are the basic colored ones to own as they go with any colored or type of top. Black colored jeans will slim your legs down. So if you want to appear slimmer on your hips and legs, go black. However, the color white does exactly the opposite. So avoid wearing white unless you have got a really nice lower body. Go for washed out jeans only if you think you can carry off this vintage style really well, without making yourself appear like you just popped in from the
80s. Wearing colored jeans is highly risky. So, unless they are really in fashion and you are sure that you can carry them really well, avoid wearing them.

3. Rise

If your upper body is longer than your lower body, go for low-riding jeans that will make your torso appear shorter, while making your lower body appear leaner. Boot cut jeans will also compliment your body. However, you must avoid baggy jeans as it will only make you appear short and fat. Those who’s lower body is shorter than their upper body can alternatively go for high-rise jeans. For wider hips, go for mid-rise jeans that are neither too tight nor too loose.

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