20 Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Him

20 Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Him

So finally the day that all lovers look forward to all thorough the year is finally here…well almost. Your boyfriend might have already picked up a gift for you; why then should you be left behind? If you are in a relationship, you might be going crazy right now brooding over the perfect Valentines day gift for your boyfriend and running out of ideas. Fear not for as always, we are here to help. We bring you a list of ‘14’ exciting Valentines day gift ideas for him.

1. The tried and tested

Well, these are the ones that have never gone wrong. You can gift your boyfriend a picture frame, wallet, watch or cologne any day of the year and he is bound to like it.


Prepare a special CD for him with his favorite songs. But if it seems too much effort, just buy him that vintage collection that he has always been looking for or simply get him a DVD/blu-ray of a romantic classic and enjoy it together this Valentine’s day.

3. An outing

Take him to that restaurant where you went for your first date or just get out of the bustle of the city to a quiet place where you can spend some quiet time together.

4. Love you journal

Gift him a journal or a scrapbook with photos and memories of all the time you have spent together since day 1 to remind yourselves of the wonderful time you have had together.

5. Book

If your boyfriend is an avid reader, get him that classic missing from his shelf or the complete works of his favorite author. Or just subscribe a magazine of his interest for him.

6. Customized apparel

Get him a t-shirt or a pair of boxers with a customized message on it. There is no dearth of this stuff on the Internet, you just gotta search for it.

7. Wine

Now unless he is a complete teetotaller, very few things can make him as happy as a bottle of vintage wine or champagne.

8. Hobby

Get him something related to his hobby. If he plays the guitar, get him some guitar picks; if he plays drums, get him drum sticks. This way, you will not only save money but will win his heart as well.

9. Something erotic

You might just dress in something sexy that he always wanted to see you in or buy him an erotic book or games. But then again, if you met him just a week before, you don’t want to scare him away by being too adventurous.

10. Sports memorabilia

This is a perfect gift for sports fanatics. If he is in to basketball or a fan of a particular team, get customized tees or coffee mugs for him. This sounds cheap but it will surely show him how much interest you have in his likes and dislikes.

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