6 Tips On Effective Communication With Your Partner

6 Ways To Discuss With Your Partner

The secret about a successful relationship is good communication. A relationship is not just about rosy days and arguments that go beyond control. In order to save a relationship from a total catastrophe as well as to strengthen the fabric of the relationship, it is very important to have an effective communication with your spouse. The attraction and romance between people having opposite personalities is quite noticeable these days. Initially, these two diverse personalities seem to complement each other with their different ways and thoughts. As time passes, however, these differences cause friction in the relationship. It’s not that you, all of a sudden, seem to discover the shortcomings of your spouse. It’s just that their attributes tend to become visible and they, apparently, come in your way. This is what leads to arguments which reach a point where there is no return. The only solution to such a situation is to accept your partner the way they are and for this, you need to talk to them and sort things out. Here are a few ways by which you can successfully put forth your word, without hurting them or spoiling the relationship.

1. Listen carefully

The golden rule for effective communication is effective listening. In order to get respect and an ear to listen to your problems, you first need to listen to things yourself. Whenever they feel like talking to you, keep your work at hand aside, stop watching TV or playing a game on the computer, turn to them and show them, you’re listening. Let your non-verbal cues show them you have an interest in what they have to say. Nodding your head, keeping an eye contact are simple ways by which you can show your spouse that you are concerned about what they are talking.

2. Talk in a polite manner

When you have to talk to them about something, do so in a polite manner. If you have to raise an issue or complain about something, don’t begin by blaming them, taking names or belittling them. Tell them in calm manner that you’d expected them to do something which is not done yet. Ask them the reason for the delay. Ensure you don’t get angry or raise your voice. This will take the conversation in a different direction and kill the topic of your concern.

3. Fix a time for the talk

If you have to inform them about something that concerns your personal or professional life, fix a time for it. Say, tell them you have to talk about something and you need them to be available after dinner. This way, they will prioritize your needs on their list. This will increase your connect with them.

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