8 Qualities of November Born People

Qualities of November Born People

Those born in the month of November are a combination of extremes and possess qualities which can be traced to completely different ends of a spectrum. Here are some of them.

1. Dedication

Focus and dedication are the two greatest virtues of these people. Once they have an aim in sight, they can spend their entire waking hours in its pursuit, oblivious of everything else and nothing can distract them in their quest.

2. Honesty

A November born will stick to the truth, no matter what. They have the boldness to speak their mind without any heed to the consequences of their action.

3. Loyalty

They are loyal not only in love but also in friendship, fraternity and all other relationships they are a part of. They stand by those close to them even in the toughest of situations and are always there for their loved ones when any misfortune befalls them.

4. Energy

People born in November do not lack in energy and face every new opportunity with enthusiasm and verve. They seldom complain of exhaustion and are a storehouse of positive energy.

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