5 Signs a Coworker Likes You

5 Signs a Coworker Likes You

Imagine the time our mothers and grandmothers were young. All the time they had for their personal lives! But, times have changed. With increased work pressure, we end up spending more and more hours at our workplaces. However, relationships may blossom, crushes may happen even at work! It may not be easy to read if a coworker is crushing on you. If you misread it, it may bring you embarrassment and, in the worst case scenario, problems on the professional front. So, tread carefully. Here are five signs a coworker likes you.

1. His eyes will be on you

His eyes will often meet yours. He may hold it a bit longer than usual. Eye contact is vital in a professional relationship. But there will be a difference every time he looks at you. It’s likely to be a happy, soft and at times, unconscious gaze. If he is shy, he might look elsewhere as soon as he is caught looking. A more forthwith person might flash a warm smile at you.

2. He will find excuses to be near you

Even after you’ve explained that power point presentation to him, he’ll make sure to be at your desk and talk to you in person on the same topic, again. This would seem to happen not once, but often. When he can’t find any work related excuse, he’ll try using the phone at your desk, maybe brush against you a little, while at it. All of a sudden, both of you seem to be bumping into each other much too often. At the copy machine, water cooler, cafeteria, wherever you go his well-timed presence greets you.

3. He’ll ask about your personal life

A sure sign a coworker is interested in you is he’ll probe into your personal life. He’ll ask about your boyfriend/partner. If you are in a relationship already he’ll subtly want to know how things are between you two.

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