10 Introvert Personality Traits

10 Introvert Personality Traits

Introverts are people who focus more on internal thoughts than external activity. While they may be confused with being non participating, they are more at peace with the selected group of people they hang out with. They are more at ease away from crowds, but this does not mean they are averse to people. Here are some introvert personality traits.

1. They are quiet

Introverts usually tend to be quite quiet. They do not like to chatter about just like that, especially when it comes to making small talk. They are not very good at it. They will say what they really want to, and then be with themselves and their thoughts.

2. They are reserved

The introvert, by the very personality type, is a reserved person; never going out of the way to please anyone and always maintaining a certain distance from the people who need not know things about them. Do not share until it is absolutely necessary is the mantra of the introvert.

3. They are shy

Usually, introverts tend to be towards the shy side. It is not necessary that every introvert will be of a shy nature, but usually introverts will be shy. This is mainly due to the fact that introverts would much rather spend time with their own thoughts than spend time with people they do not necessarily have to be around.

4. They are loners

Introverts are usually loners who enjoy their solitude and alone time. For them, networking is a task, while working on their own is completely natural. They do not feel overwhelmed or restless if they are left alone.

5. They are content

An introvert is usually content with her life. She may be ambitious, but even in her ambition she will be content for she knows that she will get there steadily. Introverts tend to be more practical, hence more content.

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