5 Things You Should Be Thankful For This Year

Things You Should Be Thankful For This Year

As the year comes to a close, it is time we all take stock of whatever we had done this year. We either mull over some of the stupid decisions we made or we congratulate ourselves on something new and experimental that we tried and which paid off. Most of us also base our New Year resolutions on what we did or what had happened to us the past year. As much as retrospect is important in all our lives, it is also equally important that we look back at your life and be thankful for what we had in this year. Whatever misgiving we have about our lives, it is a fact that some of us are privileged to just be alive, to be able to move about freely and also live to talk about it. Here are some things that we should be thankful for this year.

1. Thankful to be alive

You should be thankful that you are alive. It is not every day that we think about the thousands that lost their lives this year either because of war, civil strife, illnesses or terrorism. Not only should we think about them, but we should also be thankful that we are alive and that our lives re untouched or spared by the violence that has become a part of life for millions.

2. Thankful to the family

If your family has been with you throughout everything you faced or did this year, you should also be thankful for that. It doesn’t matter if they stood by you or not, you should be thankful just to have had a family with you when there are millions of orphans around the world.

3. Thankful to have had great friends

Friends are always a blessing and you should always be thankful to have had the opportunity to spend a part of your life with them. Friends are also the family that you get to choose rather than born into.

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