5 Facts About the Reality of Online Friendships


The virtual world, social networking and online friends have become a major part of people’s life. Making friends online, socializing and becoming a part of their world virtually is a common phenomenon. But these friendships are based on the image you show to the world through social networks, which is not always real. We are not really sure about the reality of the friendships that happen online. Here are 5 facts about the reality of online friendships.

1. You will find it hard to trust someone

Making online friends is common, but true friendship survives on trust. Trust is the most important factor in any relationship. It is hard to trust friends whom you meet online. With time even if you develop some trust, there would always be a certain doubt factor.

2. You can’t really expect support

You are never sure whether these online friends are reliable or not. When you are in trouble, your friends help you and support you. But when it comes to the online friends, you don’t know if they have your back when you really need them.

3. You cannot be sure of intentions

You cannot really be sure about the intentions behind the person on the other side. You may consider that person as your friend but you cannot be sure if that person is really a friend or has wrong intentions. You just know this friend virtually but you don’t know anything about that person’s background.

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