5 Steps to Avoid Conflicts In Relationships

5 Steps to Avoid Conflicts In Relationships

“Always be prepared”, this cub scouts training mantra oddly applies to every walk of life. And surprisingly, it aptly applies to relationships. Often because of misunderstandings and some other stupid little things, a truly amazing relationship breaks down. Here are five steps of contingency, by which you can avoid any potential threat to your relationship, and hence avert any possible crisis.

1. Do not keep score!

“You did this”
“You were wrong the last time”
“You still owe me for messing up that time”
Relationships are not about keeping score; it is not a righteousness war. Carrying things from the past will never let you be completely at ease with your partner. The key is to accept, forgive, forget and move on.

2. Never take your partner for granted

In a relationship, you have to find a balance. You are to make sure that you do not take your partner for granted, and just assume they are your ‘property’. On the other hand, you are also not to be so over sensitive to their existence in your world that you creep them out. Find a balance. If it feels right deep down, it is right.

3. Put yourself in the other’s shoe

If your partner has to make a decision and doesn’t consult you before taking one, how would you feel? Won’t you feel let out? Same is the case with them. So,when making a decision that affects you both, always think from two perspectives, and you will have a successful relationship.

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