7 Don’ts for Pregnant Women

7 Don'ts for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is the most important phase in any woman’s life. Every pregnant woman must know about the important dos and don’ts. This ensures a safe and healthy pregnancy. Here, we will talk about some important don’ts for pregnant women. Check them out.

1. Quit alcohol and cigarette

If you are pregnant, it is important to quit smoking and drinking. If you continue with drinking and smoking, then this could prove to be fatal for your unborn child. For a healthy pregnancy, pay attention to your child’s safety.

2. Avoid high heels and tight clothes

Being comfortable is the most important thing for a pregnant woman. Avoid wearing too high heels as it affects your pregnancy. Similarly, do not wear too tight clothes, if you are pregnant. Instead, pick special maternity clothes, which are available for pregnancy.

3. Restrict your caffeine intake

Restrict your caffeine intake, as it affects the calcium level of the body. Excessive intake of caffeine also affects the stress hormones in body. This can affect your baby’s heart rate.

4. Avoid exercise if you feel nausea

Many doctors suggest that pregnant women should exercise daily. However, if you feel nausea or dizziness while exercising, then discontinue the same. Do not stress yourself for exercising, this harms your health and affects your pregnancy.

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