5 Tips to Reconnect With an Old Flame

5 Tips to Reconnect With an Old Flame

Sometimes your feelings for an old flame are so intense that you regret having broken off from that special person. There may have been a reason or two for the breakup then but those might seem ridiculous now or could be purely attributed to situational reasons. As you grow older, the maturity of understanding what a real problem is and what isn’t may want you to get back to a previous relationship. And if the feeling is mutual, the other person may harbor similar feelings for you and is more importantly single. But there are chances for a little ego or trouble to show up in establishing connect. So, how do you go ahead? Check out these tips to reconnect with an old flame.

1. Make meet-up plans

Attention! This is not a date. Contact your ex for a casual dinner conversation at a restaurant or your home. Hang out as friends first to ascertain if your feelings for him hold good and if he still holds on to those. With time, people change and sometimes confronting is the most appropriate way to determine the change not just in the other but even within you in their company.

2. Dress for the occasion

Fight the temptation to dress up provocatively since many women love to indulge in a bit of teasing but standing wary at the same time. Choose an outfit that makes you look attractive but proper since this is only meant to be a casual conversation. When you feel good in what you wear, so would the others around you.

3. Have a genuine conversation

It is important to remember that the initial conversations you have with your ex be genuine and not as a gimmick to make him turn his attention on you. Because, this does not just help you understand about him better after a long period of time but also needs to re-affirm your feelings for him. If this eye opener does not happen, then chances are you might end up in a nastier breakup.

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