5 Simple Ways To Deal With A Difficult Coworker

5 Simple Ways To Deal With A Difficult Coworker

An office is a place where people of all kinds have to work together to achieve a common goal. Of course, this set of people have different personality traits yet they work with a harmonious unity. To contradict this argument, there are a few people who are extremely difficult to handle. How does one deal with such people? Well, read on to find the answer.

1. Identify the problem

Difficult colleagues are usually the ones who talk a lot or ask you too many questions to irritate you or snap at you for no reason. It may so happen that these guys must be having some problem or must be frustrated in their life, which is why they throw spite at others around or annoy them. Instead of fighting fire with fire, find out the reason why they’re troubling you. Probably, they must be actually facing some problem.

2. Find a solution

Once you identify the problem, find a solution to it. Note the nature of the person and try to find out what kind of an explanation would convince the person to stop irritating you. If you empathize with them, they’d probably listen to you and become your good friend. For example, if a colleague of yours talks a lot and you find that’s because she has no one to talk to her at her place, you can always help her out by listening to her chatter after work hours.

3. Speak to them

The best way to resolve this problem is to speak to them. If you are unable to gage your colleague’s intent from their behavior, you must ask them why they’re doing so. Then tell them that it’s really very annoying and request them to stop troubling you. Who knows, they just want you to bend on your knees and plead before them and your request might satisfy them! You may relieved from the problem with a simple ‘Please’.

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