5 Signs You are a Hipster

5 Signs You are a Hipster

Hipsters – you like them or not, but sure you cannot ignore them. They are free spirited individuals who just cannot or rather do not want to fit into the social mainstream. Their taste for clothes, music, food, accessories and activities stand out from the rest. Do you think you are one of them? Check out 5 signs you are a hipster.

1. You dress like a hipster

One of the most important features that stands out in a hipster is the dressing sense. Most of the clothes that you can find in a hipster’s box will be from vintage stores. Hipsters generally wear skinny jeans and tops with images of flora and fauna, cartoons, strong slogans or simply plaid shirts or cowboy shirts. Much preferred are high waist pants, leggings or treggings. Stuffs in gingham, paisley and vintage florals are also common.

2. You wear hipster glasses

Do you wear something completely useless on your eyes just to impress others? A frameless glass, over-sized plastic glasses or shutter shades? Ahem! You fall in the hipster category.

3. You wear accessories of a hipster

Bright, sharp, metallic or heavy, they can be anything cool. Those pink or neon headbands to bird neck pieces, perky belts to yellow nail paints, plugs and piercings, a hipster’s accessories knows no bounds. Ironic stuffs like a kiddo lunch box or a courier bag will just be an inevitable part of the accessory box.

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