5 Things Couples Should Remember While Hanging Out With Single Friends

5 Things Couples Should Remember While Hanging Out With Single Friends

When it comes to being in a relationship, you have a tricky job of staying in action with your friends and social circle and also invest time in your relationship. When you are seen to be spending too much time with your boyfriend, your friends think that you have gone M.I.A. So in order to balance yourself, you end up hanging out with your boyfriend and friends together. However if your friend happens to be single, you need to be a little wary of your conduct. Here are 5 dos and don’ts for couples while hanging out with singles.

1. Don’t get all mushy and cozy

When you are sitting around as a couple with your friend, maintain a level of decency in terms of physical intimacy. You should not make the other person say, “Get a room guys.” Don’t make the person cringe and feel unwanted.

2. Don’t be engrossed in each other

The third person should not get the feeling that you are only maintaining eye contact with each other, asking about each other and only referring to things relevant to you as a couple.

3. Make the other person feel comfortable and wanted

It may so happen that when a single person sees you two together, he or she may not want to intrude. The person may walk away, remain a little aloof or excuse him or herself. You should ask your single friend to sit together for dinner or lunch, and be seated in a group rather than make it look like a couple sitting with a single. Talk about things that are relevant to everyone.

4. Don’t make out on picnics and getaways

As a couple, you should bear in mind that you should engage in activities that all three of you will enjoy, for example skiing, river rafting, adventure sports or even a walk by the lake.

5. Be honest with your opinions

Being in a relationship you don’t have to necessarily agree with what your partner is saying. You need to debate and discuss about things with an objective point of view; it should not appear as us versus you.

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