6 Things That Make You Fat

6 Things That Make You Fat

The problem of gaining weight haunts a majority of women and most of them blame it on lack of exercise and overeating. Although these two factors contribute greatly in weight gain but, there are also many other factors which sound simple but contribute a great deal in making you fat. Here’s a list of such things that make you fat.

1. Stress

You are following a healthy diet and you exercise daily but still you find yourself gaining weight or the extra pounds in your body that are not ready to go away. It happens with most people and in recent studies, it is found that stress helps a great deal in gaining weight. So, if you are going through a lot of stress lately and if in spite of a healthy diet and daily exercise, you are putting on weight, then you better blame it on stress. This is because the human body under the influence of chronic stress triggers a certain hormone which helps in the accumulation of belly fat.

2. Lack of sleep

According to sleep researchers, sleep deprivation impacts our health by disrupting the metabolic process. It leads to the metabolism of more lean muscle than fats which eventually results in weight gain. Loss of sleep also makes you feel hungrier than normal and also make you prone to overeating.

3. Medications

Some prescribed medications for treating depression, seizures, mood disorders, migraines, diabetes and blood pressure can trigger weight gain of almost ten pounds per month. Even hormone replacement therapy, steroids and oral contraceptive pills can contribute in gaining a few pounds. So, if you are experiencing gradual weight gain even with a healthy lifestyle, then it is better to check your box of prescribed drugs.

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