Why Is Money Important?

Why Is Money Important?

Imagine, being able to go to New York on a whim just to shop at Fifth Avenue, and then flowing all the way to Italy to eat a slice of pizza and then back home! Surely, that kind of life sounds amazing, doesn’t it? And what does that require? Money, of course!

Money cannot buy happiness, but it can surely buy things that make one happy. And saints may say whatever they want about letting go of the desires of all things material and aim for mental solace and peace for the soul, but the truth is, the feeling of euphoria you get when you shop at Gucchi and come home to a 56” flat screen with your help ready to serve you the good kind of food is pretty much unbeatable in itself! Of course, money comes in handy when you want to pursue your passions as well. If you don’t have the dough to pay, how will you take that cookery class, or that acting class, or those ballet lessons? It also makes you more efficient by having to concentrate only upon your interest and not on how to be able to fend for them.

And in the case of emergencies, isn’t money like a comfortable couch one needs after toiling through the day at that time? Not having to worry about treatments, or about the next meal, or a huge surgery pay off? Money surely makes you relax and stress way less than if you have none. Be it planning a wedding, hoping to raise a child, putting yourself through a good education, shopping, taking someone out, going out yourself, exploring the world, choosing a career path, in need of some professional help, or as much as breathing when you are old, money is very very important.

Of course, there are a lot of things money cannot buy. If you are depressed, it can’t buy you solace. But it can help you get help. If your heart fails, of course money won’t prevent that, but it will ensure you get proper care so that it does not happen again. So, before you go on an “I don’t need money, I got my heart and my brain”, think again; because as hard to believe and as harsh it may sound, almost nothing in this big bad world of ours is for free.

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