10 Foods to Avoid On a Diet

10 Foods to Avoid On a Diet

We know, we know. As it is, you might be facing a hard time trying to manage that tricky weight and figure of yours and here we are telling you to avoid a set of foods altogether! But trust us. These are the foods that you are absolutely not supposed to eat when you’re on a diet. And you will thank us later! So c’mon go ahead and read about the foods to avoid when on a diet.

1. Red meat

Red meat like lamb, beef and pork contain a large amount of calories and saturated fats in whatever form you eat them. For instance, a 3 0z beef has 80mg of cholesterol and more than 300 calories!

2. Calorie-infused drinks

The so-called ‘vitamin drinks’ come loaded with lots of sugars. Drinking soda, diet or otherwise, is also a cause of empty calories. A healthier option would be to have something with zero calories like water or flavored water. Herbal iced tea and skimmed milk are also great. If you crave for something sweet in a day, then have a glass of fruit juice.

3. Alcohol

Alcohol is a sinner in many ways. Firstly, it’s loaded with more calories than what you’d find in carbohydrates. So drinking a 12 oz beer can every day can leave you weighing 1.2 pounds heavier past four weeks! Another important thing to note while having alcohol is that, it slows down your metabolism. This in turn results in unhealthy eating decisions.

4. Smoothies

Smoothies bought from stores and those chain restaurants have a big shock tucked in for you. Did you know that just a small size of smoothie can contain upto 1000 calories? Yes! So before you order any smoothie, check on the calories.

5. Foods with trans fat

This includes a big list of food items – vegetable shortenings, margarine, processed foods like ramen soups, cake mixes, frozen meals, chips, crackers and candy. So next time you buy any of these, check the amount of trans fat they serve. But be warned: according to the nutrition facts panel, a food item can contain upto 0.49g of trans fat and yet show ‘0g’ on the product label.

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