5 Reasons not to Diet

5 Reasons not to Diet

People mostly go on a diet because they are recommended a diet plan along with a workout regime. But there are some other who are not able to work out and so they think dieting could be an alternative. These are myths and wrong notions about dieting and people end up harming their body by following wrong diet plans. You need to eat well but eat healthy and at regular intervals. Here are 5 reasons not to diet.

1. It leads to drastic change in your food intake

When you suddenly start a diet that is very strict and you want to cut down on the calorie intake, your body takes time to adjust. Your body requires a particular amount of calorie intake and you need to provide that. You cannot suddenly stop eating and start cutting down calories drastically. This can have an adverse effect on your food intake and your general health. Hence, follow a gradual diet plan, divide meals and eat healthy.

2. It leads to deficiencies and lack of nutrition

There are times when you may be unaware of your body’s requirement in terms of various vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and other nutrients. You would intend to eat healthy and lose weight but in the process you may reduce the intake of the nutrients your body lacks and it will further diminish. This would have harmful effects in the long run because of the deficiency.

3. It offers temporary results

If you start following a strict diet plan and restrict yourself to eating bland and boring food, you will not be able to continue it for long. Instead you should eat healthy, limit junk food intake, avoid over eating and eat regularly but in small portions. This way you wouldn’t feel restricted by the whole idea of dieting and you will stay healthy.

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