5 Reasons to Visit Niagara Falls

5 Reasons to Visit Niagara Falls

Apart from the obvious reasons, there are many hidden delights too in the region giving you compelling reasons to go visit the Niagara Falls. We give you some great reasons to make that trip.

1. The falls

This is the first and most obvious reason to go there. It is the world’s largest falls and the most iconic image of all times. The enormity of the river and the falls just takes your breath away and it is a sight that will stay forever etched in your mind.

2. Maid of the Mist

The boat ride that takes you real close to the falls so you can hear the rush and the roar of the millions of gallons of water falling down. You feel the mist and the spray from the falls on your face and get drenched. It is an awesome experience to watch the falls that close.

3. Helicopter ride above and over the falls

Not content with the experience in the Maid of the Mist? You can always take the helicopter ride and catch a sight of the gigantic falls and the forests that surround it and the mighty river that crosses the border. The view alone is reason enough to visit the falls.

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