5 Misconceptions That Men Have About Women

5 Misconceptions That Men Have About Women

You have heard them poke fun at you! You have eaves dropped on their conversations with their buddies! And you hate them for what they just assume about you. You can only but move one, with your head held high, and hopefully they will change their perceptions. When they do get rid of their misconceptions, celebrate; if not, use them to your advantage. Here are the usual misconceptions that men have about women.

1. Women like to dress up for every little thing

What men do not realize is that women do not like to dress up to go to the market. Unlike men, they cannot just stroll to the market in their boxers, which is something that even the men should not be doing. So they, kind of have to dress up for everything.

2. Women want men to pay always

Not true. Na-uh! Of course you love to be financially independent. But what men always assume is that women never actually want to spend money, and always want to feed off them. That is a notion which stems out from their egoistic attitude.

3. Women have a hidden agenda behind everything they say

Men think of us women as highly mystical creatures, more complex than college level calculus. What they do not get is that we are extremely simple, and do not have a hidden meaning behind everything we say, contrary to what they think. They need to open their eyes and see, women are just like them.

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