6 Delicious Salad Toppings

6 Delicious Salad Toppings

Health experts across the world emphasize on the importance of including salads in your daily diet. Salads are known to be super healthy foods, which not only satisfy hunger pangs, but also boast loads of health benefits. The trick to maintain the health quotient of the salad lies in its dressing or topping; an unhealthy salad topping just cuts down its health benefits.
The beauty of a salad lies in the serving variations it offers. Salads are generally prepared with a wide range of green, colored veggies or fruits, mostly raw, with occasionally par boiled, grilled or roasted toppings. Read on, as we reveal a list of delicious salad toppings, which are both tasty and healthy.


Salsa, preferably homemade, with its bright color and tangy flavors is sure to prep up any salad. Just add one or two spoonfuls of fresh salsa to the salad, and savor the wonderful flavors it adds to the salad.

2. Tofu cubes

Tofu is rich in protein, and when marinated with chilli or soy cause can be used as a healthy salad topping. Plain tofu can also be used as a topping. Fresh low-fat cottage cheese is also a healthy alternative for salad toppings.

3. Seeds and nuts

Sunflower seeds, flax seeds, roasted mustards seeds, pumpkin seeds, and nuts such as pistachios, almonds, peanuts, cashews, and walnuts also add that extra zing to a salad.

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