Easy To Follow Hair Care Tips

Do’s And Don'ts Of Hair Care

Ever had a gleam in the eye when you saw that top model bouncing and waving off her hair? You’re not going to get there until you stop taking daily hair care for granted. Just shampooing them frequently is not going to solve your split end horrors. Take a good look and feel of your hair first – read up about various treatments available, what will suit your hair best, how expensive it is and so on. Think of the context of the weather conditions that you live in. Only then can you get a correct assessment of what hair care is right for you. Although it sounds a little complicated, with a little professional advice, it can be easily accomplished. To make heads turn, here’s what you can do to your hair!


1. Tailored hair products

Out of carelessness, I used to simply pick up a bottle of shampoo during my grocery shopping from Walgreens or Wal-mart. I never bothered to check the details on the shampoo and what hair type it is meant for. Imagine what must have happened to my hair when I picked up a shampoo meant for chemically treated hair, when I’ve never colored my hair? Pick your shampoos properly. Every hair type demands a special shampoo – be it dry, damaged, chemically treated, frizzy or normal.

2. Correct comb/brush

After shampooing my hair, I always use a wide-toothed comb. This allows my wet hair to be easily sorted without causing breakages. For proper styling, you can later on use a thin haired comb or your regular brush once your hair is dry.

3. Regular trimming

I completely agree with the fact that going for regular trims is absolutely boring!! But if you choose your laziness over your trims, you’re going to end up with scruffy, split ended hair. Without fail, get your hair trimmed once in a month. If it is annoying for you to go to a salon so often, you can even ask your mom to do it at home for you. Regular trimming will avoid further damage to your hair by removing split ends from time to time.

4. Home remedies

Be open to trying home remedies. Don’t shun them without knowing anything about them. I was very apprehensive in the beginning, but I decided to give it a shot once. I started off with mild versions of lime, yoghurt, eggs, herb mixtures and other alternative natural products that are harmless to the hair. In fact, if you have a dandruff problem, it is highly recommended that you treat your hair with a mixture of a cup full of yoghurt and 2-3 drops of lime added to it. If you spend oodles of money on expensive dandruff treatments in the salon, it’s just not going to be worth it.

5. Indulge

If there’s one thing which poses no harm to indulge in, it is hair massage! The pressure of fingers on your scalp will also increase blood circulation, which is very good for you.

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