5 Homemade Gift Ideas for Your Husband

5 Homemade Gift Ideas for Your Husband

Anyone can go to the market and buy an expensive gift, but a personalized homemade gift made exclusively for your husband is something that will set you apart. A personal gift is unique and special. It shows your love and efforts to make your husband feel special. So here are 5 very simple ideas for making personalized homemade gifts for your husband.

1. A ‘Love Collage’

Dig up all your special photographs with your husband. Collect snaps of your dating days, wedding day, honeymoon, birthdays, anniversaries and all those other events where you two shared a special moment. Arrange them all into a beautiful collage and write a simple ‘I love you’ or any other favorite quotation or song lyrics that you both love.

2. ‘I love you because…’ calendar

Take 365 small pages of the size of a small table calendar. Get the spiral binding done. For each day of the year, scribble an ‘I love you because…’ Write simple everyday things like ‘I love you because you make me laugh’, ‘I love you because you remember which color I like’, and ‘I love you because you make me feel special’. With this gift, he’ll remember your love every day of the year.

3. A collection of his favorite songs

This is a classic but all-time favorite gift idea. Burn a DVD of his favorite songs. Make sure to include few songs which have special meaning to both of you. For example the song that played at your wedding, or the song that played when you two danced for the first time and the likes.

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