How to Get Healthy Skin?

How to Get Healthy Skin?

Spotless and healthy skin is an attribute desired by most women, but possessed by few. Healthy and spotless skin reflects good health, hygiene, a good lifestyle & eating habits. It also adds value to the individual’s personality, besides upping the beauty quotient. Let us dwell upon the question that has been troubling most women: how to get healthy skin?

Individuals seeking advice on how to get healthy skin may get it in abundance, from different sources. Clinical treatments, although effective for most, are expensive and often a hit-or-miss chance. The key to having spotless and healthy skin goes deeper than random advice based on individual assumptions. The predominant factors that affect the health of the skin are skin type, overall health, and genetic tendencies and environmental conditions. Here are some tips to get healthy skin. Take some tips from these.

1. Eat healthy

Your skin’s overall health is determined by your food intake. Have a balanced meal, and avoid frequent intake of high calorie fatty, oily and salty foods. Instead, opt for foods rich in essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Vitamins A, C, K, E, B complex and nutrients like selenium and beta carotene have been found to improve the texture and health of skin. Vitamins C & E help reduce skin damage caused by free radicals, wrinkles, and photo damaged skin.

2. Inculcate good skin care practices

Needless to say, a spotless skin is marked by a clean, acne free and scar free surface. Never prick or break pimples; besides being painful and an unhygienic practice they leave behind scars which are not easy to erase, and may even remain for life. Topical creams with salicylic acid, vitamin B3, benzoyl peroxide, alpha hydroxy acids are said to be effective in healing mild to moderate acne and periodic breakouts. Always use branded products (not necessarily expensive) and check the product labels for percentage & type of active ingredients; begin with lower strength products. You may have to check out a few before finding the one that suits you best.

3. Follow a good skincare regime

Wash your face with a good cleanser at least twice a day. Remove all traces of makeup before going to bed. Choose a moisturizer with active ingredients like Vitamin C, E and A, to name a few. Always use SPF with adequate cover and minimize sun exposure. Use a sunscreen that reads non acnegenic or non comedogenic on the label to help keep pores clear. A good quality toner is always a good investment for people with oily skin.

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