How to Apply Blush The Right Way?

How to Apply Blush The Right Way?

One of the trickiest makeup accessories is the blush. While perfectly done blush can give a perfect shape and contour to your face, wrong application can ruin your natural prettiness. This is the reason why a lot of people avoid applying blush altogether. However, if you know the basics of applications, you can make your face look perfect enhancing your features. Here’s how.

The intention of applying blush is to give your cheeks a natural flush that does not seem out of place on your face. According to experts, the best color is that which matches the color your cheeks assume after a round of vigorous exercise because that is when blood rushes to your cheeks and give them a natural pinkish shade. When you apply makeup, make sure that your lipstick and blush belong to the same family of colors.

1. Know where to apply

The whole point of applying blush is to balance your cheeks and give a nice contour to your face. So, depending on the shape of your face, you should apply blush either on your cheekbones if you have full cheeks or apply a lighter color on the cheeks if they are drawn inside so that cheeks appear chubbier.

2. Look into the mirror and smile

The perfect way to apply blush is by smiling into the mirror. This makes it easier to spot the apple of your cheeks. Apply blush with a huge professional blush brush. Do not overdo it. Apply just the right amount.

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