How to Get Healthy Nails?

Everyone likes to have pretty, long, gorgeous nails that add to one’s sense of style. Chipped and discolored nails are always a turn-off. So it is time that you get to know some tips on how to get healthy nails and maintain them.

1. Protect them

Nails are often taken for granted. We all use our hands everyday for innumerable tasks, ranging from writing to washing dishes, cooking, picking up things, gardening and what not. In doing all of these tasks, the health of our nails and the skin on our hands starts to deteriorate. We often break nails while shifting furniture, chopping vegetables or picking up something, and never bother to file them. At other times, we just ignore discoloration on the nails, till a point where we actually notice them after a long time and realize how ugly they look. So the first tip to get gorgeous nails of course is to protect them by wearing gloves when doing such tasks as gardening, washing of dishes etc. This way, dust and chemicals won’t harm them.

2. Maintain them

Once you get into the habit of protecting your nails, you also need to consciously take care of them. Every time your nail breaks because of some tiny accident, make sure you use a filer to smoothen the rough edge. This will ensure that the nail does not scratch or hurt you. It will also ensure smooth growth of your nails. At the same time, you also need to realize that as much as you love long gorgeous nails, you still need to cut them on a regular basis to promote growth. That keeps nails healthy and strong.

3. Pamper them

For weak nails that keep breaking very often, it is a good idea to soak your hands in a bowl of warm milk for about 10 minutes every alternate day. That helps nails to get stronger, and also nourishes your hands and makes them soft and supple. This process will also help you get rid of dead skin cells on the hands.

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