6 Tips to Initiate a Breakup After a Long Relationship

6 Tips to Initiate a Breakup After a Long Relationship

After long years of togetherness, breaking up with your partner can be extremely difficult. It’s painful and hard enough to realize that your relationship is not working out any more. Emotions apart, in such a situation, a breakup is inevitable and necessary. It only gets harder, though for a brief period but it does. Here are a few tips to initiate a breakup after a long relationship.

1. Do it face to face

Breaking up with someone after being together for long isn’t easy and it doesn’t feel good too. But make sure you do it face to face and not over email or text. The person deserves that much respect at least.

2. Meet in a neutral place

Always plan to meet him in a public place like a coffee shop or a mall when you want to break up. Avoid meeting at a special place that has memories of the relationship. That may hurt more.

3. Start on a positive note

It’s okay if you want to break up but that does not mean you should be harsh and rude. Start on a positive note so that the final closure doesn’t seem so hard.

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