Find Out Why iPad2 Is A Super Hit?

Find Out Why iPad2 Is A Super Hit?

It is 5 pm on 11th March 2011. Apple begins selling iPad 2 in retails stores in U.S. Within hours, major stores in major cities were sold out. Online waiting times went upto 5-6 weeks. What is all the fuss about the new iPad 2? Why is it so popular? Let’s find out why the iPad 2 is a super hit.

iPad 2 is superfast

If you are like me, you’d appreciate a gadget starting up quickly, performing even quicker and going on and on – without any hassles. Do you know that the iPad 2 has a Dual-core A5 chip. In simple words, it is twice faster than previous model. Surfing, multi-tasking, switching between Applications, video calls, and gaming– everything has become superfast and super smooth. Apple claims that the graphics have become 9 times faster than previous models? Tall claim? Tall claim or not, I find scrolling more smoother and faster– even when I am running 5-6 Applications at a time.

LCD Display– Out of this world

My girlfriend who was on the other side of the bed asked me to hold the iPad 2 up so she could see what was going on. Believe it or not, we watched the entire movie like that– me on one end of the bed, holding the iPad 2 up while she was cosy in her blanket on the other side. Brilliant, crisp and clear is what I’d use if you asked me to describe the iPad 2 in a few words. The best part is that there is no ‘wrong way’ to hold the iPad 2. Landscape, portrait, narrow or wide angle – whatever your viewing style is, the iPad 2 will deliver.

Sleek and sexy- Light and thin

Considering all the features and specification it comes with, how heavy do you think the iPad 2 weighs? The basic model with Wi-Fi weighs only 601 grams. With a depth of just about 1/3rd of an inch– the iPad 2 is slim, and by slim I mean very slim! The moment you pick this light-weight baby up, you know you are holding something special.

Two Cameras

I think that Apple gave two cameras in the iPad 2 especially for me! Well, wishful thinking at least. I can now chat with my boyfriend even when he is busy travelling. FaceTime is now possible. Yay! Now he can see my face while chatting with me while I can make up some cute smiley faces to get him to buy something for me when he comes back. On a serious note, both the front and back cameras allow video recording. HD, 30 fps at the back and VGA, 30 fps at the front. For still captures – 5x digital zoom while the front is a VGA quality still camera.

Fun, Friends, Business, and Education– iPad 2 is a one-stop solution

What I like most about the iPad 2 is that I can use it for almost all my tech needs. Whether it is checking my mail on the go or watching movies with friends on the road or talking business over a crisp video conference– iPad 2 is my saviour everywhere. Do you have children? Or are you studying yourself? The iPad 2 has some amazing Apps and features which allows a whole new kind of learning. The multi-touch experience is a fantastic new approach to learning– it is a superb mix of sound and visuals. There are lots of tablet PCs out there which also support different versions of these Apps, but iPad 2 seems to be the most user-friendly and efficient system I have come across.

Keeps you connected

Are you always on the move? Do you fancy some online entertainment on your daily commute? The iPad 2 has Wi-Fi and 3G to ensure that you are connected to the rest of the world– anywhere you are as long as you are in a Wi-Fi or a 3G zone. Surf the web, check your mail, get directions, find an ATM, order a pizza, get a date– your fancy is at your tips. iPad 2 will automatically find Wi-Fi Networks which you can join with a few taps and you can get 3G connectivity with AT&T or Verizon.

iPad 2– Too many benefits

Besides the top reasons that I can think why the iPad 2 is a super hit, there are many other little tit-bits that make is a huge success. I love the fact that it turns on and off instantly– No waiting, no hassles. Reportedly, with more than 65,000 Apps made for the iPad, all your needs will be taken care of. If you or any of your friends have used the iPad in the past, you should know that getting a cover for this baby was a major headache. Apple has now come out with a super cool new Smart Cover– designed especially for the iPad 2. It can be used as a cover, or a stand. Did you know that the iPad 2 will start automatically when the cover is removed and sleep when the cover is closed? Apple always seems to go one notch higher than the rest.

It’s Apple

The iPad 2 is a product of Apple. Ever since those early iPod days, the engineers at Apple have let their imagination run wild. We’ve seen fantastic versions of the iPod, the iPod Nano, and the iPhone hit the market over the years. Many speculators predicted that the ‘apple bubble’ will burst soon, but it never seems to happen. I’ll be surprised if you don’t own at least one Apple product. So yeah, for starters, the iPad 2 is yet another magnificent Apple product– result of superb innovation and quality.
Funnily, can you believe that all this dope about the new iPad 2 is coming from someone who was anti-Apple at some point? Haha, yes that’s me! I was a fan of the PC and refused to touch Apple products until I got my hands on the Apple iPad 2. Super cool, super fun and definitely a super hit!

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