5 Dating Tips for Women in their 30s

5 Dating Tips for Women in their 30s

Do you think just because you’re in your 30s, you are out of the dating league? You’re utterly wrong, dear! 30s is the best time to be in a relationship. This is the time when you are mature enough to get into a committed relationship. Your life can change for the better if you find a soul mate at this point in life. You just have to take care of a few things before you get into one. Check out some of these relationship tips for women in their 30s.

1. Work on your personality

When they reach their 30s, women either become obsessed about their looks or completely stop paying attention towards themselves. No matter which side of the scale you are on, you are on the wrong path. You should accept the fact that you can’t look younger than you actually are, no matter what you do. Neither should you totally abandon making a style statement just because you’ve crossed your 20s.

If you have to make it in the dating world, you have to make yourself look presentable. Wear clothes that suit you, don makeup that accentuates your features, try a hairdo that makes you look fab. Most importantly, ensure that you don’t go overboard with your look. Excess makeup, too much lipstick or loosely fit clothes all are total turn offs for men. Remember one thing, you can’t look younger or older. But you can always look beautiful!

2. Don’t make haste

When you begin dating someone, make sure you go slow and steady. Meet them, learn about their likes and interests, see whether they match with yours and only then decide if you wish to meet them again. Similarly, if their opinion about something is different from yours, don’t jump down to conclusions and avoid them. You may miss out on a worthwhile partner.

3. Don’t be too critical

Agreed, by the time you reach your 30s, you’ve learnt a lot about human behavior. You know how certain type of people behave. But that doesn’t mean you weigh every person’s nature on the same scale. Don’t be too critical of men. Don’t over analyze their behavior. Let your experience guide you when the need be. But don’t let it overpower your decision making ability.

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