5 Reasons You Must Feel Lucky to be Alive

5 Reasons You Must Feel Lucky to be Alive

It is not every day that we care to give thanks to the fact that we are still alive. With wars and natural disasters happening at alarming intervals and many people losing their lives, we should count ourselves lucky to be among the living. It is not only wars or natural disasters that take away lives, but also illnesses, diseases, heart attacks and accidents that claim many lives. Sometimes, if you look at the statistics, you will be surprised that you are still alive and that you have managed to overcome any odds to stay alive without you having really worked on it. Here are some reasons on why you must be and feel lucky to be alive and talk about it with your friends and family.

1. You can still enjoy the gifts of live when many around you are dead

You must feel lucky to be alive that you are still around to enjoy life and all that it throws at you when most people you know are dead. Instead of mourning for them and being depressed you need to count yourself lucky ad think that there is a purpose behind the fact that you are still alive and look forward to do meaningful things with it.

2. You are the only one spared in an accident

Feeling lucky to be alive is never the first thought when you are the only one who comes out alive after a terrible car crash or a fire or an accident. You grieve for the ones that lost their lives, but you also have to count yourself lucky and give thanks to the greater powers for sparing you from death.

3. You have come out alive and healthy after a complicated operation

All the doubts and the fear would have receded by the time you are out of the hospital and you can tell people about how grateful you are and how lucky you are that you are still alive to talk about your harrowing experience. Use this as a lesson to tell people and also make them understand about the precious gift of life that we so take for granted most of the time.

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