5 Best US Music Festivals

5 Best US Music Festivals

Music, music and more of it. Be it listening to your favorite bands or running between stages to catch new and upcoming talent, there is never a moment of boredom in the music festivals. It is also a place where you get to meet new people, people with similar tastes and people who could introduce you to new music and newer experiences. The blistering heat, cold or sand storms don’t hinder the artists or the spectators and year after year, the music festivals keep growing and getting better. Whether you like indie music, pop, rock, country or techno, there is something for all kind of music lovers. Where else can you catch a number of bands in one venue, but in a music festival? Here are some of the best music festivals in the country.

1. Bonnaroo

Most famously called as the roo, this is the longest and the most filled four days of music and water. Held in Manchester Tennessee, there is always an eclectic lineup of musicians every year. The water is free; there are water slides and much more to keep you occupied for four days. The only downside is the long hike to get to the stages from your campsite, but looking at what’s in store

2. Sasquatch

The venue is the most amazing you can get in all the music festivals. The gorge amphitheater is a reason in itself to go. Situated above the Columbia River, it offers great views anytime of the day. You get to meet likeminded people who are extremely friendly. The music lineup is awesome too. And since it happens in the middle of nowhere, there is a sense of community among the crowd.

3. Coachella

Three days of over a hundred bands in the middle of the Californian desert. It is the right place to catch new talent and the headliners are always a surprise. More than the music, it is a great place to watch people. Men and women in the skimpiest of clothes to beat the heat and parading the quirkiest of fashion.-What else can you expect from California? The nightly parties at the camps set the temperatures soaring.

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