5 Signs You have been Dumped

5 Signs You have been Dumped

Breakups are never good. It’s worse when it’s not a clear separation but rather a slow sinking feeling of drifting apart. Most men often fail to say it in clear-cut words, but instead convey it through subtle hints that you are no longer the apple of his eye. Here are 5 signs that you have been dumped.

1. He avoids long-term planning

When your partner starts avoiding any kind of talks regarding the future and starts saying things like “let’s go with the flow” or “let’s just enjoy the moment”, you should know you are heading for a breakup.

2. He has a guilty conscience

Most men who don’t feel brave enough to outwardly bring up the ‘B’ word, usually use this technique to wriggle themselves out of a sticky situation. Once they are no longer interested in you, they suddenly start putting up a repulsive behavior and deliberately start doing things that you hate, in the hope that you would initiate the breakup. Men choose this path for a good riddance of their guilt.

3. He puts you on the waiting list

Remember the initial dates when he would arrive spot on time to pick you up? Or show up at the cafe a well half an hour before the date? Well now, there’s only endless waiting and even at the end of all that endless waiting, there are slim chances that he would actually bother to tidy himself up especially for you. Not making any effort to groom himself for you definitely shows his interest level.

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