5 Bad Habits Of Our Partners That We Hate

5 Bad Habits Of Our Partners That We Hate

Relationships go sour when we find it hard to tolerate the bad habits of our partner. We asked our readers what was their partner’s bad habit that they hated to death and couldn’t stand. And as you would expect, we got a bucket full of answers form the ladies!

1. Pub hopping

“My partner has the bad habit of going to the pub almost every day”, said Jessica, who hates when her fiancĂ© who goes pub hopping every evening. “It really doesn’t matter even if he goes there for a quick beer and is back in 15 minutes. Going for a beer with his mates every evening has become my partner’s bad habit and I hate it”, she added. Does your partner make frequent visits to the pub too? Make sure it does not turn into a bad habit.

2. Calling often

We were very amused when we found out when Tania said, “My partner’s bad habit is that he calls me at least 3-4 times a day. I can appreciate that he misses me every moment of the day but I find it difficult to attend his calls every few hours at work”. That’s a good point. Do you think it is a case of insecurity or excessive possessiveness?

3. Staring at other women

How would you feel if you were out with your partner when a woman wearing skimpy clothes walked by and your partner stared at her curves? Annoyed? Of course you would be, and so would we! That’s why we are not surprised when Mary complained, “My partner’s bad habit is that he sometimes forgets that I’m by his side and stares at other women. He may be the most innocent person in the world, but I still hate my partner’s bad habit of staring” We would be fuming if our partner had that bad habit, wouldn’t we, friends?

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