5 Facts You must Know About Domestic Violence

Facts You must Know About Domestic Violence

We live in an ultra-modern age and there is no denying about that. Despite the improved education, thought process and lifestyle, crimes like domestic violence still galore and it is really shocking. It is even more surprising to know that some women are totally in dark regarding what amounts to domestic violence. Here are 5 facts you must know about the crime, if you are a victim or even otherwise.

1. Domestic violence includes physical, emotional and sexual abuse. Physical abuse includes violent behavior like throwing things, shoving, hitting, kicking and even biting. Yelling, threatening to cause harm or controlling another person’s action is called emotional abuse. Forcing a partner to do something they do not want to do sexually come under sexual abuse. So, if you feel you are subjected to any of these abuses, you are a domestic violence victim.

2. Whether you are subjected to one or all forms of abuse, it is bound to have physical and emotional problems. While physical violence harms the body, it can also cause emotional problems. On the other hand, emotional abuse can manifest physical illnesses. It is a vicious cycle and you need to learn to recognize the signs in the early stages of your relationship.

3. Partners who indulge in domestic violence are very insecure and they would always love to blame the other person for their behavior. If your partner blames you for their bad behavior, it is time to take action. Mistreating you even if you are at fault is a complete no-no. So, know your rights and fight for your self-respect.

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