4 Ways To Save Time Daily

4 Ways To Save Time Daily

Have you ever wished that the day consisted of 48 hours? Do you constantly find yourself raging a battle against time as you race to finish all your tasks? In today’s fast paced modern life, we wish we had more time for ourselves, some spare minutes to relax and enjoy a cup of tea or simply sleep. Read on to know about some simple ways to save minutes each day.

1. Make those social calls while doing light household chores

Believe it or not, making those social calls and returning phones to people who have called you consume a considerable amount of your time. So you got to call your colleague who had an accident, or your aunt who recently invited you to family dinner but you couldn’t make it, or your friend who recently won a beauty pageant? The list of such ‘small-talk phone calls’ is endless. So use a hands free and make all these social calls while doing light household chores like sorting washed clothes, or arranging grocery and the likes.

2. Club things together to save time

When you apply a face pack, rather than passing time by watching the clock, get up and check your email, Facebook and Twitter accounts. Respond to urgent mails and post news/photos/statuses. This way you’ll save time by clubbing two random things together.

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