8 Weirdest Nail Art Trends

8 Weirdest Nail Art Trends

Women can go to any extent for beauty and this can be seen by the number of crazy beauty trends that have come and gone. While taking care of nails was restricted to manicures and pedicures till some years back, in recent times, the quirky trend of nail art has spawned millions of fans across the world, and dedicated nail salons have mushroomed everywhere. Nail trends have gone from pretty to downright ridiculous and unthinkable. Here are 8 such nail art trends that will surprise you.

1. Caviar nail art

Caviar nail art is not exactly done with caviar; the name is given because the effect of the art makes the nails look like caviar. Fish roe or caviar as we know it is a combination of tiny, round eggs and that’s how your nails look when such a nail art is performed on them. Micro beads of plastic are arranged on painted nails so as to cover the whole surface area and give the nails a royal caviar look.

2. Chalkboard nail art

Recently, the Ciate chalkboard nail art manicure was launched which makes nails look like blackboards that will make you nostalgic about those carefree school days. People hate to hear the screeching of nails on a chalkboard but this new polish will get the chalkboard on to your nails. The manicure set contains a black matte nail polish and four sets of colored pens that look like chalk, to draw designs on the nails.

3. Metallic foil nail art

Sheets of metallic foil in a variety of colors and designs are available in the market today which are specifically made for nail art. These sheets are cut in the shape of your nails and look like shiny gift wrapping paper.

4. Nail piercings

As if tongue, nipple and navel piercings weren’t crazy enough, nail piercings have become a trend too. It works only on long, talon like nails and lasts only about a week before the nail becomes too long to maintain. Also, it’s quite inconvenient to go about doing day to day chores with such hands that sport nail piercings.

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